The Cities Zorathi Issue 1




The Cities Zorathi is a 28-32-page, digest-sized print and PDF fanzine dedicated to Dungeon Crawl Classics and is produced under license from Goodman Games.

Issue #1 is now available for purchase in print. Please take note of the different costs for copies sent to North America and the Rest of the World. The PDF will be available when Issue #2 goes to print.

Prices Include Shipping and are in US Dollars

North America (1 Copy)


North America ( 2 Copies)


The Rest of The World ( 1 Copy )


The Rest of The World ( 2 Copies)


Copies are mailed on the next Friday after the order is received. Please allow 3–4 weeks for delivery in North America and slightly longer for the rest of the world. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at .